Next month it will be five years since we first released Sinfol his Unstable EP. While reflecting on this fact fourteen releases later, we must say it has been a great journey so far. With all the effort that we have been putting into the label over the years it is ever so rewarding to see it grow like this.

We have released music from artists we aspire, gave a platform to good friends and had some cool label nights throughout the country. In the light of our expansion and to celebrate the last five years, we planned two label nights in South-Africa with Sinfol and JP Enfant. On the 12th of April we will be in Johannesburg with our lovely friends from TOYTOY for a night at And Club. The day after the story continues in Cape Town with Killer Robot at Mødular Club for the second leg of the tour.

To say we are looking forward is an understatement!