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Elad Magdasi

Elad Magdasi has long been entrenched in the rave scene, first and foremost, as a dancer. It is precisely this edge which can be felt in the emotional fabric he weaves into his productions.

His works are wide-ranged and diverse, hailing from a true rave spirit. He deftly combines acid-line treatment with his his unique melodic point of view. It is his love for raving that keeps his mojo running whilst bringing inspiration to his life.

After moving from Tel Aviv to Berlin in 2013, Elad evolved and ended up founding his own label - Front Left Records. The label is a collective of friends who dance together and celebrate techno weekly. All the releases come from artists who share the front left corner of a certain well known institution.

When Elad is in the booth, his sets combine both modern and old techno, keeping the rhythm and synthesizers full throttle at all times.