In Aeternam Vale

Essentially the project of a single man, Laurent Prot, In Aeternam Vale was created in Lyons in 1983 under the heavy influence of punk-rock nihilism, Kraftwerk roboticism and cold, aggressive industrialism.

Bridging EBM, proto-techno and synthesised dark pop, Laurent Prot was making fearless music in the 80s being recently reinterpreted (by the likes of Silent Servant, Regis and James Ruskin) as equally or more important than Detroit’s influence on the current electronic music landscape.

In Aeternam Vale has experienced an underground revival over the past few years. Following a prolific run of low-key tapes spanning back to 1984, his work has been getting a second look via Minimal Wave, Jealous God and other modern imprints. Samuel Kerridge's Contort Records released IAV’s memorable live at Berlin Atonal In Sept 2014. 


“There are bands that have been acting ruthlessly in the shadow for years, in a completely confidential manner, then one day chance (but does chance exist ?) makes you find one of their recordings, listen to it, and at that moment you could kick yourself for not having discovered these soundscapes earlier and you try to find all of them. That is exactly what happened to me with In Aeternam Vale, a strange name that will surely remind you of nothing in particular, and that is really a shame. At the basis of this band, a guy named Laurent Prot, a kind of equivalent to what Frank Tovey represented in England or Dirk Ivens in Belgium, an electronics fanatic who experimented all the sounds that you can obtain from analogical synthesizers and rhythm´n boxes.