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A clear vision, combined with a strong dose of empathy and great discipline have quickly moved Sinfol, aka Jeroen van den Dungen, to the forefront of the next generation of Amsterdam based electronic music artists. His refreshing take on dance music is best exemplified by his own imprint Anagram, which since its launch in 2014 has been a highly respected source of music for the most notable artists around. With his own releases, meanwhile, Sinfol keeps on forging unique moods, fusing energising dance floor textures with well built suspense and very real aspects of human emotion. From his renowned ‘Crystalline’ featuring the mesmerizing vocals of Barbara Ford, to his EP on Just This together with Octual, his productions never fail to make for enthralling sonic experiences.

As a DJ, Sinfol has proven to be as intriguing as his productions. He started as a resident at the acclaimed Reaktor Events. This is the place where he developed his musical knowledge, intuitive selections and eclectic taste. Constantly striving to let go of a narrow framework, his style blends classic machine funk with modern day drive, bright light with profound dejection. The growing recognition for his unique palette has resulted in a quick gaining of momentum on the international stage, with gigs across Europe coming thick and fast.