Anagram Demo Policy

In our A&R, we try to find a well balanced combination between friends (that have been part of the family for a long time), established artists and new talent, to release on the label. If you feel like you have a masterpiece which you think would fit our label and you want to be part of the Anagram Family, here are some things to think about. We are constantly optimising this process as well and we think that in this way we do everything possible to prevent disappointments. In this way we also let you take a deep look at your own music and the perception of it.

  • As mentioned before, try to reach out to us on every channel. We are going to give you our e-mail address in a moment, but there are way more possibilities in this day and age. Hit us up through Instagram and Facebook, as these are the platforms we mostly use. We do our absolute best to return every message that we judge as serious.

  • Have a serious listen to our releases and see if that matches your sound before sending in your demo.

  • That brings us to our next point: it’s all about the message. Please put the same amount of effort in your demo as you would like to see us putting into your future release. Don’t include us in your big mail-out. It’s not real, nor appealing.

  • When sending in a demo, please tell us a bit about yourself. As you might know from our vision, we really believe in people and creating a community. By knowing a bit about you or your musical journey we listen to your music in a different way.

  • Now send us your music: